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Intersleek®1000 is our latest fouling control with Lanion technology, incorporating bio-renewable raw material. It is exceptionally smooth with very low levels of average hull roughness. This, combined with excellent resistance to fouling, means that all vessels can benefit from this latest fouling control technology.

The first fouling control coating to
use a patented technology that
incorporates bio-renewable raw material to
deliver enhanced vessel performance
throughout the dry-docking cycle. Based
on patented technology, Lanion enables
hulls coated with Intersleek®1000 to
maintain an ultra-smooth surface, reducing
drag and lowering a vessel's fuel
consumption and emissions.

Independently validated fuel and emission savings

Lanion Technology Use of bio-renewable raw material from sheep's wool in our patented technology allows us to give the sustainable fouling control at the prices of SPC Technology.

Independently validated fuel and emission savings

6% less fuel and less waste disposal Intersleek® 1000 has generated 1,500 carbon credits over a two year period representing an independently verified fuel saving of 6% by RINA services and The Gold Standard.

Enhanced vessel performance through smooth hull Smooth Hull

Intersleek® 1000 provides smooth film leading to
improved efficiencies, which is comparable
to ultra-performing self-polishing copolymer antifoulings.

Intersleek 1000 is eligible to generate carbon credits The Gold Standard

Intersleek®1000 is eligible for the generation of Gold Standard Intersleek
carbon credits following the award-winning AkzoNobel methodology.
For every tonne of avoided CO2 emissions, the vessel operator
can be awarded a single carbon credit after converting to Intersleek®1000.
From the first claim, Intersleek®1000 applies to one vessel generated
over 1,500 carbon credits representing an average fuel savings of
6% in the last two years of service.

Gold Standard Intersleek Carbon Credits are generated from an award-winning pioneering methodology