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Foul Release

Foul release properties

Foul release properties are particularly important when considering slower speed vessels (<15 knots).

These vessels often trade on the spot market and may have static periods awaiting a charter or waiting to discharge/load cargo.

The excellent foul release properties of Intersleek®900 means that even during exceptionally long periods of inactivity, fouling attachment can be either removed by the vessel getting under way, or if underwater cleaning is the option selected then less force is required to remove the fouling growth so less damage may result.

The better static resistance and improved foul release properties of Intersleek®900 means the product is suitable for use on newbuildings during fitting out periods.

To fully understand how fouling adheres to submerged surfaces and what force is required to remove them, at International Paint we grow our own barnacles and have developed a sophisticated computer controlled system to apply force to the barnacle and record the force required to effect removal.

As all barnacles are different sizes, the area in contact with the coated system (the black spots) must be measured. This is done using the computer controlled camera (the red spots).

Results are derived from dividing the force (in Newtons) by the barnacle area (in mm2) to give the force per area in N/mm2. Barnacle shear adhesion strength is measured in kPa. 40% less shear force is needed to remove barnacles from Intersleek®900 in comparison to Intersleek®700.

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