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Silyl Methacrylate

Intersmooth 7475Si SPC is a high performance, low friction, SPC antifouling based on Silyl Methacrylate Polymer Technology. Designed for deep sea vessels at newbuilding or maintenance and repair, Intersmooth 7475Si SPC offers improved fouling control over Copper Acrylate and Silyl Acylate counterparts.

Key Features

1. Self polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling based on Silyl Methacrylate technology providing a controlled and optimized polishing rate and continuous biocide release.

2. Silyl Methacrylate polymer reduces the potential for cracking of thick schemes compared to silyl acrylates

3. Less temperature dependence on the polishing rate compared to silyl acrylates

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