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A brand new biocidal antifouling featuring patented Lubyon® technology that delivers predictable long term performance.
Reduced drag. Reduced fuel. Reduced emissions*.

Intercept 8500 LPP

- Highest performing biocidal antifouling
- Faster polishing rate than our first generation of Lubyon products but maintains the Linear Polishing properties
- Excellent fouling control performance
- In-service periods of up to 90 months

Intercept 7000

- A mid range biocidal antifouling but with the added benefit of linear polishing
- Established a substantial track record of 600 vessel applications (in excess of of 33 Million DWT)
- In-service periods of up to 60 months

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Intecept 8500
Lubyon technology

Linear polishing graph Unlike typical silyl and metal acrylate biocidal antifoulings, Intercept®products replicates the linear polishing behaviour of previous tributlytin based antifoulings. Typical silyl acrylate based products polish slowly initially, thereafter the rate of polishing steadily increases. Whereas typical metal acrylate systems polish fast initially before reaching a steady state.

Designed for the deep sea market at Newbuilding and maintenance and repair, the Intercept® range offers a suite of products designed to meet customers differing performance expectations.

Lubyon Technology

The Lubyon® polymer is 'superhydrophilic', meaning it is water loving.
This creates a lubricating effect at the coating surface resulting in a low
friction, very smooth and slippery surface on immersion, which is then
maintained throughout the lifetime of the coating. With surface fricton
reduced, it results in less drag with subsequent reduced fuel and emissions
savings* compared to other antifouling coatings.

Intercept - Over 10 years to perfect

Intercept® highlights our mission to introduce
differentiated, market leading technologies that drive
operational, cost and environmental efficiencies for our
customers. Intercept® has taken over 10 years to
perfect and its development is a result of our continued
investment in innovation.

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*Fuel and emission savings are dependent upon product comparison and many other factors, a bespoke forecast can be developed from Intertrac Vision (CDP)