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Controlled Depletion Polymers

Rosin-based antifoulings work because they allow seawater to penetrate the paint film, allowing biocide release by a process of diffusion.

Rosin-based antifoulings may have low or high quantities of rosin.

Those with a low level are known as Contact Leaching Antifoulings. They are mechanically tough, have no polishing characteristics and commonly have a maximum in-service lifetime of 24 months.

The high rosin products are softer, dissolve slowly in seawater and are known as Controlled Depletion Polymer (CDP) antifoulings.

SEM image showing the depleted residual
layer on top of the biocide-containing layer

Laser profilomitry image after HPFWW
showing the pitted surface

Our Controlled Depletion Polymer coatings technology is Interspeed®.

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