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Intersmooth, Interswift, Interspeed

Our biocidal antifouling product range continuously evolves to meet our customer’s performance expectations in today’s operating environment, delivering fouling control for up to 90* months.

Our range helps ship owners, operators and shipyards meet the challenges of fluctuating fuel costs and increasing environmental pressures by delivering a full range of operational cost, environment and in-service performance benefits. The range features our new linear polishing polymer antifouling technology, Intercept® LPP, our highest-performing self polishing copolymer antifoulings, Intersmooth® SPC; our economical option Interspeed®, a patented copper acrylate technology range, Interflex® and a blend of both technologies in our Interswift® products.

Intercept® LPP

Intercept® LPP products are antifoulings featuring unique patented Lubyon® technology, suitable for use at newbuilding and drydocking and are available as the ultra-performing Intercept®8500 LPP and the premium performance of Intercept®7000.

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Intercept 8000 LPP


Intersmooth®SPC products are our highest performing antifoulings, suitable for use at newbuilding and drydocking, and are available in copper acrylate (Intersmooth®7460/7465HS SPC)and silyl acrylate (Intersmooth®7465Si SPC) technologies

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Our controlled depletion polymer (CDP) antifoulings, Interspeed®6400 and Interspeed®6200, provide an economical choice in fouling control.

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Advanced Duplex System


Based on a blend of Intersmooth®SPC and Interspeed® technologies, Interswift® products are our standard self polishing copolymer antifoulings, available in copper acrylate (Interswift®6800HS and Interswift®6600) and silyl acrylate (Interswift®6900Si) technologies.

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Fouling control explained

We have a range of fouling control products to meet your individual requirements - learn more about our technologies.

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White paper: "Ship performance"

Strong academic research and firm ship operating evidence of the correlation between applying specific fouling control coatings and reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions finds further backing, after a new industry partnership is formed that is likely to silence the doubters once and for all.

Proven Success

Our Dataplan coating performance monitoring provides the marine industry’s most accurate record of coating application and performance for newbuildings and drydockings – adding value to customers engaged in planned, professional maintenance programmes, since 1977.

All vessel data is verified against the Lloyd’s Register Fairplay International Shipping Database.

Learn more about our biocidal antifouling technologies

We have a range of fouling control products to meet your individual requirements.

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You choose the performance, we deliver the product.

*90 months applies to vessels covered by the extended drydocking (EDD) programme, mainly container vessels, pure car carriers and general cargo ships.

More about our complete range of fouling control products

We have a range of fouling control products to meet your individual requirements.


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