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Monitoring the Performance of our Coatings

Dataplan has coating details of over 1.7 billion DWT, 198,000 drydockings and newbuildings, 1.6 million applied coats, 1.3 billion m2 of painted steel and full coating performance monitoring for all vessels coated with our products.

Antifouling performance can be predicted and assessed using our Dataplan satisfaction ratings. Derived from analysing the indocking condition of a vessel, its coating performance – the type, severity and extent of fouling – in conjunction with the trading pattern, operational profile and drydocking interval, an antifouling performance rating can be calculated.

All vessel data is verified against the Lloyd's Register Fairplay International Shipping Database.

Additionally, Interplan will report on your vessel's coating condition, including the type, severity and extent of any corrosion, cracking, blistering or detachment and identify potential coating problems, detail the recommended surface preparation and offer suggested maintenance specifications.

Keep track of your vessels coating performance.

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