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Intertrac® OBM is an online tool which records, visualizes and analyzes Seastores purchasing patterns by vessel and fleet.

Empowered by big data and machine
learning, Intertrac® OBM helps vessels
realize their optimized OBM performance
with realistic solutions in line with their
trading activities.

Higher efficiency with organic spend reduction of up to 20%

Lanion Technology Gauging optimization by removing inefficiencies
in specific spread spends areas, while ensuring
the continued quality and fit of the products.

Real time visibility of relevant measure of seastores activities

Real time visibility Real time access to purchasing data and progress tracking

Greater transparency and control over OBM paint consumptions Greater Transparency

Clear calculation and visualization of data
enabling owners and managers to have full
control on what the vessel is spending, without
information relay via various parties

Realistic steps for optimization are suggested based on relevant KPIs Realistic steps

Insights into possible ways to streamline buying
behavior of each individual vessel with quantifiable